Danum Business Solutions provides sensible, no-nonsense Health and Safety support for small and medium sized businesses, helping you to prevent harm, stay legally compliant and integrate safety management into everything you do.

What we do

Safety Management System Health Check

Managing Health and Safety in your business means you have to think about lots of different areas of risk and how you protect your people. You probably already have lots in place, but how do you know where the gaps in your Safety Management System are?

Working through this Safety Management System (SMS) Health Check will give you an overview of the key areas of health and safety you would expect most business to need to address, and help to identify the strengths and weaknesses in how you look after health and safety.

How we do it

Every organisation has a legal and moral duty of care to protect anyone who may be affected by its activities from harm. This duty of care applies to all organisations, no matter how large or small.

Managing Health and Safety in your workplace can be challenging and may be causing you undue stress and worry.

At DanumBS we work closely with our clients to understand your particular health and safety challenges, and to provide you with the solution to managing health and safety in your business.

This means you get advice and support tailored specifically to your business, delivered in an easy to implement and cost-effective way. We take all the hard work and bureaucracy out of managing health and safety, and you get peace of mind knowing that you, your colleagues and your business are protected.