Health and Safety Policy and Procedures

Health and Safety Policy

Every business must have a Health and Safety Policy in place, and if your business has five or more employees, that policy must be written down. This is a legal requirement, set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Your policy sets the line in the sand. It must be signed-off by the most senior person in the organisation, and it is the way that you say “this is the way we look after our people in our organisation. This is how we do things around here!”

Developing your Health and Safety Policy is an ongoing process, it will change over time as your business develops and changes. It is a legal requirement to review your policy periodically – it makes good business sense too. Keeping your policy up to date with your developing business, industry guidance, legislation changes and the needs of your employees demonstrates that you truly value the health and safety of your people.

The HSE gives some great guidance on what your policy must cover. To make your policy a real, useful document you need to support it with the planning and procedures needed to meet the aims of your policy in your organisation.

DanumBS can help support you in developing your Health and Safety Policy, and the planning and procedures needed to support the delivery of the policy at all levels in your organisation. We will make sure that your policy meets the specific needs of your business and how you operate, showing clear commitment to all your employees, clients and other stakeholders.

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Written procedures set out how specific tasks should be carried out.  By having set procedures, everyone in your organisation is aware of what should be done, by who, when it should be done and how it should be done. 

Writing procedures can be tricky to get right. To do so, you need to understand all the steps, tweaks, tricks and work-arounds used to get a job done. The aim is to write a solid, step-by-step procedure that marries up with the safest, easiest and best way to get each job done. Only by having accurate procedures, thoroughly understood by all involved, will you ensure that people are working to the procedures and not taking potentially hazardous short-cuts.

Using an external consultant to write or review your procedures will give them a ‘sense-check’ and ensure they can be understood and used by everyone.

For help with the following procedures, get in touch:

  • Standard and Critical Operating Procedures
  • Start-up and Shut-down procedures
  • Maintenance Procedures
  • Emergency Procedures

From identifying the procedures needed, working with you to develop procedures, and training your staff working to the procedures, DanumBS can help you every step along the way.

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