Inspections and Audits

Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections are an opportunity to gain reassurance that you are doing what you say you would do, or to spot where things may not be working quite so well and identify areas for improvement.  Carried out and communicated correctly, they can be a positive experience rather than being viewed as a tool to ‘catch people out’.

By engaging Danum Business Solutions to carry out your inspections, I bring an independent (fresh pair of eyes) look at your workplace and working practices and may spot things that have been overlooked.  During the course of the inspection I will talk with your staff, ensuring they are engaged with the process and do not feel ‘snooped’ on. 

At the end of the inspection you will be left with a full report, with photos, detailing all the findings and a suggested action plan to address any issues found.

Inspections form an essential part of your overall health and safety management system and provide useful feedback to management and all staff.  Whether you need a one-off inspection of your workplace, or a programme of planned visits of inspections suited to your business, I can help.

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Do you know how effectively you are managing health and safety in your organisation? How do you know if you are compliant with health and safety legislation? Are you certain you are doing all you can to protect you, your employees and anyone else safe?

An audit of your safety management system takes an in-depth look at how you are keeping people safe and how you comply with health and safety legislation and standards.

Every organisation is different, so audits will be tailored to your needs and can cover your whole safety management system or concentrate on specific areas.

During an audit we will look at what you are doing well and identify any gaps in your safety management system. At the end of the audit I will discuss my findings with you and leave you with a detailed report with all the findings and any actions to improve. I can even provide a follow-up services where I come back after an agreed period of time to ensure you have acted on the findings of your report.

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