Charities and Not For Profit Organisations

Charities and not for profit organisations owe a duty of care to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of their paid employees, volunteers and anyone who may be affected by their activities. Whether the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 applies to the activities of a charity is largely dependant on the charities structure, however in all cases trustees must ensure that they look after their people and members of the public. This means they can uphold the great reputation of their charity, and avoid potential legal actions for health and safety breaches.

Understanding your duties and ensuring your charity is fully compliant when it comes to health and safety can be challenging. This is where DanumBS can help!

DanumBS can help to you to:

  • develop your Health and Safety Policy and the arrangements needed to put the policy into practise
  • conduct risk assessments and define safe systems of work
  • ensure emergency plans are in place
  • support you in the event of an accident

In addition, you can get access to a health and safety consultant to support you in protecting your people whenever you need it.

DanumBS can work with charities on defined packages of work, or on an ongoing basis by subscribing to our Safe Charity Solution.

DanumBS offers preferential rates to charities and not-for-profit organisations, meaning that your trustees can be assured of value for the charities donors and beneficiaries.

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Safe Charity Solution

Every charity and not for profit organisation needs reliable, proactive and competent support when it comes to managing health and safety. Based on our Safe Business Solution, Danum BS offers a cost-effective solultion for organisations who do not have expertise in-house.

Our Safe Charity Solution gives you access to all the support and advice you need from a NEBOSH qualified Health and Safety Consultant to make sure you stay legally compliant and keep your employees, volunteers and members of the public safe. It also ensures that you are complying with the regulations and providing you with expert advice and support when you need it most. 

You get:

  • Competent Person – dedicated Health and Safety Consultant named as your competent person
  • Certificate of engagement – valid for one year.
  • Health and Safety Policy – reviewed with you annually to ensure it remains up to date with legislative requirements and your changing needs.
  • Health and Safety Manual – including the forms and templates you need. Your manual will be reviewed with you annually to ensure it remains up to date.
  • Annual Audit & Inspection* – a detailed look at how you are managing health and safety, giving opportunity to spot best practice or any issues that need addressing. You will get an audit and inspection report, and action plan for improvements if needed.
  • Access to your Health and Safety Consultant – by email or telephone during office hours.
  • Weekly Health and Safety Round-up – news and updates from the world of health and safety.

*geographical restrictions apply

With preferential rates for third sector organisations, this package starts from only £700 per annum (depending on size of organisation and activities).

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