Covid-19 risk assessment

How do you ensure a Covid-19 secure workplace?

Every business is now required to carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment. There is lots of guidance available on how to carry out your risk assessment, from the UK Government, the WHO, the HSE and many industry trade bodies. This guidance can change frequently as our understanding of the virus and how it is transmitted grows.

What is a Covid-19 Risk Assessment?

The assessment looks at possible routes of transmission of Covid-19 in all areas of the workplace and all activities carried out in the workplace. The assessment also considers the risk of transmission for people working with the public and in other peoples homes.

When do you need a Coronavirus Risk Assessment?

If you have workplace premises you must carry out a Covid-19 risk assessment and put controls in place to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission. Workplaces that have followed the steps set out by government guidance are required to display a Covid-19 Secure Notice to let people know that you have followed the steps needed to reduce the risk of transmission.

People who work in other peoples homes (for example, plumbers, electricians, cleaners etc.) are also required to complete a Covid-19 risk assessment and let their clients know of any specific controls they must have in place while working in the clients home.

Carrying out your Covid-19 Assessment

I offer two packages to support you with your Covid-19 risk assessment:

Covid-19 Risk Assessment review

Send me your existing Covid-19 risk assessment and procedures, I will carry out a review against current guidance and identify actions needed to close any gaps. This includes a one hour consultation call (in person or by videocall, depending on where you are) for me to talk through the results of my review, provide guidance and answer any questions that you have.

Covid-19 Risk Assessment full service

I carry out your Covid-19 risk assessment, update your procedures, look at the impact the any changes have on other areas of health and safety in your business and keep your risk assessment up to date with changing guidance.

This includes the development of your risk assessment, help with implementing the controls and 12 months continued support to answer questions around Covid-19 risk assessment and controls, and to keep you updated on changing guidance.

Do you need help with your Covid-19 Risk Assessment?