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Homeworker risk assessment – looking after your homeworkers health and safety

The last year has seen a huge change in working arrangements for many people during the Covid-19 pandemic. When the Prime Minister announced the ‘stay at home’ order in Spring 2020, a lot of people and businesses had to adapt to working from home very quickly, many for the first time.

Now, 12 months after the ‘stay at home’ order we are still being asked to work from home if we can, with that message planning on being rescinded sometime this summer (if all goes well). Many businesses and employees will be glad to get people back in the workplace, but a large number of people will keep the working from home arrangement or adapt to some hybrid arrangements where employees are asked to go into the workplace for some days and work from home for the rest.

What arrangements do you have in place to manage the health and safety of your homeworkers?

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