DSE Assessment - bad posture and good posture

DSE Assessments

DSE is Display Screen Equipment, which includes things such as PCs, laptops, tables and smartphones.

The Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations sets out a number of measures employers must take to protect their DSE users from harm.

A DSE user is defined as anyone who uses DSE daily for an hour or more at a time.

All DSE users must have an assessment of their working arrangements carried out to identify any risks to health and put measures in place to protect them.

What is a DSE assessment?

A DSE assessment is an assessment of the way a user uses display screen equipment to identify and minimise any risks to their health, such as musculoskeletal injury, repetitive strain injury, eye strain and work related stress.

A DSE assessment looks at how display screen equipment is used, the desk or workstation layout, the users posture while working, the working environment and the software being used.

When do you need a DSE Assessment?

DSE assessments must be carried out for users:

  • with a designated workspace
  • mobile workers
  • home workers
  • using hot-desks (workers carry out their own risk assessment after suitable training given)

DSE assessments should be carried out :

  • when a user has a new workstation set-up
  • when a new user starts work
  • if changes are made to existing workstation
  • if users complain of pain or discomfort.

Carrying out your DSE Assessments

I can carry out an assessment with your DSE user using a simple checklist based on the requirements of the DSE regs. The assessment is carried out by videocall, meaning that it does not matter where your worker is based.

Your workers book their assessment directly with me at a time that suits them. After the assessment you and your DSE User will receive a copy of the completed checklist and any resulting action plan.

If you have homeworkers we can combine the DSE assessment with a Homeworker Assessment, which will look at all your Homeworkers health and safety needs.

Charges for the assessments are:

DSE Assessment – £30 per person

Homeworker Assessment – £30 per person

Combined Homeworker and DSE Assessment – £50 per person

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