Work from home - homeworker risk assessment

How do you take care of your homeworkers?

Under UK health and safety legislation employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of all workers, this includes homeworkers. By setting a homeworking health and safety policy and carrying out assessments of the homeworking arrangements you can identify and deal with any risks that may cause harm to your people.

What is a Homeworker Risk Assessment?

A homeworker risk assessment is an assessment of the risks to your employees health and safety while working in their home environment.

When do I need a Homeworker Risk Assessment?

If you have employees who regularly work from home (eg at least one working day a week), whether on a temporary or long-term basis you should carry out a homeworkers risk assessment.

If you have employees who are working from home due to Covid-19 restrictions then you should carry out a homeworkers assessment for them.

Carrying out your Homeworker Assessments

Danum Business Solutions can help you every step of the way to carry out your homeworker risk assessment. We can:

Help you develop a Home Working Health and Safety Policy

This sets out how you manage the health and safety of your home workers. Your Home Working Health and Safety Policy will include how you intend to look after your homeworkers, who is responsible and what arrangements need to be in place.

Your Home Working Health and Safety Policy can be a stand-alone documents, or integrated into your existing Homeworking Policy and / or Health and Safety Policy.

Help you to develop home worker risk assessments specific to your organisation, based on the work you are asking your homeworkers to do.

A detailed risk assessment specific to your business and the work you are asking your workers to carry out at home. The risk assessment will typically cover the following areas:

  • Working environment
  • DSE
  • Electrical hazards
  • Fire
  • Emergency arrangements
  • Manual handling
  • Lone working
  • Stress at work

This can then be used as the basis for carrying out your individual assessments.

Carry out Individual Homeworker Assessment on your behalf

An individual assessment carried out by us with your homeworker using a simple checklist based on your Home Working Policy and Risk Assessment. The assessment is carried out by videocall and can be combined with a DSE assessment.

Your workers book their assessment directly with us at a time that suits them. After the assessment you and your homeworker will receive a copy of the completed checklist and any resulting action plan.

A flexible approach

We can carry out any of the steps detailed above on their own, or help you with the process from start to finish depending on your needs.

The price for developing your Home Worker Health and Safety Policy and Home Working Risk Assessment will depend on what you already have in place in your organisation and the type of work you are asking your homeworkers to do – contact us to discus what you need an get a quote.

For the individual assessment we charge a fixed price:

Homeworker Assesment – £30 per person

DSE Assessment – £30 per person

Combined Homeworker and DSE Assessment – £50 per person

Want to find out more about homeworker risk assessments?